22 DEC 2022

Donations from Firefighters, Winery Bring New Tool for Cancer Diagnosis

Christmas came a little early to the NorthBay Health Cancer Center when a red fire engine pulled up to the curb on Dec. 20, filled with good tidings and a check for nearly $8,000 raised by the Vacaville Firefighter Association’s Passionately Pink for a Cure fundraiser.

Minutes later, Beth Layne, of Layne Family Wineries donated a check for $7,000, with $3,000 from money raised during an October fundraiser, and another $4,000 donated by Beth and her husband Rob.

Those donations, added to other Cancer Center donations, will enable NorthBay Health to purchase a diagnostic ultrasound device that will be used by the organization’s Ears, Nose & Throat specialist Cassandra Puccinelli, M.D., to quickly diagnose and treat cancers of the neck and thyroid, announced Paul McGinty, President of NorthBay Health Foundation.

“It’s exciting, because this money will start to make an impact immediately in the lives of people who live in Solano County,” said Paul. 

Oncology specialists James Long, M.D., explained that the Cancer Center decided to collaborate with the ENT team in the purchase, knowing it would speed up diagnosis and treatment for patients who previously had to head to the hospital for diagnostic procedures.

“This will enable us to accomplish biopsies and procedures much more quickly, and will improve cancer care for our patients,” said Dr. Long. “It makes quite a difference, and we greatly appreciate the donations.”

The Layne Family Winery has been offering a special rosé in the month of October for several years now, each year donating all the proceeds to the Cancer Center. 

The Vacaville Firefighters Association started its Passionately Pink fundraiser in 2011, pausing only for the pandemic. This year it returned to Pietro’s No. 1, where firefighters dressed in special pink T-shirts and served pizza and pasta to customers on Oct. 27.

“It’s really special to see how the community turns out to support us in our fundraising effort, and now we have the opportunity to show them how their donations are at work,” said Frank Lee, firefighter and fundraising coordinator. “Soon those donations will be making a difference in the lives of cancer patients.”

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