01 JUN 2023

Women Invited to Join HOPE

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HOPE is an organization focused on Health, Opportunity, Philanthropy and Engagement! United with like-minded women to give back to your community.

Have a passion for assuring there is quality health care available locally? Want to make a difference in your community? You’re invited to join a new women’s philanthropy group with a mission of supporting NorthBay Health.

Logo for Women's HOPE at NorthBay: four petals of various greens and blues arranged above the word Hope.NorthBay Health Foundation has created a new initiative for women in Solano County: “Women’s HOPE at NorthBay.” It’s a networking group focused on Health, Opportunity, Philanthropy and Engagement.

“Our goal is to build a network of like-minded women making a difference through collective philanthropy and engagement,” said Paul McGinty, President of NorthBay Health Foundation.

Throughout the year, HOPE members will be invited to exclusive, fun and educational events, where they will hear directly from physician leaders, specialists and hospital administrators about general health care issues that affect residents of Solano County, and the care NorthBay Health provides.

An initial kick-off reception to introduce HOPE’s mission and goals was held May 2, when executive leaders shared an inside look at NorthBay’s future, followed by a presentation from the NorthBay Heart & Vascular team.

Katie Lydon, Women’s HOPE steering committee member and NorthBay nurse leader, set the evening’s tone by describing NorthBay’s unique ability — as an independent, community-based health system — to make quick decisions that have a positive impact on the quality of care it provides to Solano County residents.

“The past year and a half has been very challenging to our organization,” she told the gathering of more than three dozen. “But our nimbleness to make necessary changes is incredibly unique, as is the uniqueness of the people who work here. Throughout the organization, you’ll find employees dedicated to serving our community.”

The next Women’s HOPE meeting is set for July 25 at Wooden Valley Winery, where guests will learn about NorthBay’s Magnet and trauma programs.

To join Women’s HOPE, members make a tax-deductible annual donation of $1,000. Every fall, members will vote on how to invest their collective donations to fund patient care needs at NorthBay Health.

Membership fees may be made as a one-time payment split up over four payments of $250.

Women’s Hope steering committee member and nurse leader Katie Lydon urges colleagues and women in the community to check it out. “It’s an opportunity to come together and make an impactful difference, while networking and learning more about our system and the community we serve,” she said.

For more information, or to sign up for future events, contact Susan Cianci at SCianci@NorthBay.org, or call (707) 646-3131.

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