15 NOV 2023

Patient Video Delivers on Emotion

For guests at the NorthBay Health Gala, it was an elegant evening that promised plenty of socializing among friends and acquaintances, punctuated by pourings of fine wines and samples of heavy hors d’oeuvres. But all the friendly chatter came to a hush when the lights came down and a video began playing. 

It featured four heartfelt and heart-stopping stories from NorthBay patients willing to share their gratitude for the life-saving care they received. Not often are caregivers at NorthBay Health able to learn how life has turned out for their patients once they have left our care, and not often are members of the community offered an opportunity to learn just how advanced the care is offered every day by NorthBay’s exceptionally talented providers. 

“The Gala was a perfect time to share the patient stories, and the stories of those providers who cared for them,” according to Paul McGinty, NorthBay Health Foundation President.Donate now

At the video’s conclusion, the crowd erupted into cheers and applause, and many responded enthusiastically when Auctioneer Vince Morrow then asked who would be willing to help “Fund a Need” by helping to replace an aging Cardiac Ultrasound (Echocardiogram) Machine. 

Within minutes, paddle after paddle went up in the air and bidders had promised more than enough funds to purchase it. 

“That video was incredibly impactful,” he said, “and clearly set the tone for the rest of the night’s generosity.” 

The 16-minute mini-documentary was a creative collaboration between Paul and Dan Fowler, Senior Designer for Marketing & Communication. Dan has produced most patient videos and physician bios on NorthBay.org, but this was the first for a fund-raising event. It featured:

Ryan Hughes, a Fairfield firefighter/paramedic who suffered sudden cardiac arrest while fighting a fire. He spent time in NorthBay’s ICU on life-support, being treated with therapeutic hypotherapy to save brain function as he recovered. Ryan was able to return home to his wife and three children.

Jessica Morgan who, at age 35, learned she needed triple bypass surgery, just as her father had a year and a half earlier. Dr. Mark Villalon explained the procedure that Jessica underwent, and his wife, Dr. Rachel Villalon then shared that Jessica was able to ultimately deliver a healthy baby girl following what most certainly would have been a very difficult pregnancy had she not received the life-saving surgery. (See related story.) 

Paul Schneider, a pancreatic cancer patient, suffered a near-death experience due to bilateral pulmonary embolisms. The emergency brought him to NorthBay’s Emergency Department, where he was diagnosed and scheduled for an immediate thrombectomy. Able to go home the next day, he called his recovery “a miracle and one for which I will forever be grateful.”

Ted Neima underwent a Transaortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) after experiencing increasing numbness and weakness for years. The procedure has given Ted and his wife, Judy, new life, energy and dreams for a future they had previously not thought possible.

The video required a lot of travel to visit each of the patients in their homes, from Danville to Layfayette.

“It was worth it,” said Dan. “Paul had a vision, and I’m glad I was able to bring it to life, because it proved really effective at the Gala. Not only does it show the extraordinary care we give our patients, but it also gives them an opportunity to say thank you, and help us promote our services.”

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