It’s Time to Celebrate National Nutrition Month

By Laura Hitt

Welcome to National Nutrition Month!

The very first National Nutrition week took place back in 1973. It has since grown into a month-long celebration to increase awareness of the dietetics profession and to promote healthy nutrition messages to the public.

A very common question that arises around National Nutrition Month is “What is a Registered Dietitian?” and “What can a Registered Dietitian do for me?”

A dietitian has the highest level of nutrition education and training. We are your best resource for helping you eat right.

There is plenty of inaccurate nutrition information out there and it is our job to help you sort through it and give you credible and individualized nutrition advice.

This year’s theme for National Nutrition Month is “Put Your Best Fork Forward.”

Here at NorthBay, our group of Registered Dietitians believes the meaning behind this year’s theme is to encourage the public to choose more fresh fruits, vegetables, and reduce intake of processed foods.

For more information about National Nutrition Month or to learn more about what a Registered Dietitian can do for you, visit the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website:

The author is a registered dietitian and frequently lectures on nutrition issues.