Papa Roach Stars Tour Cancer Center

Papa Roach — a world-touring, Grammy-nominated, triple-platinum rock band whose members originally hail from Vacaville — broke away from their album promotion schedule on May 3 to visit with NorthBay Cancer Center patients and to attend a special dedication ceremony in their honor at Imagine That!, a hands-on learning exploratorium in Vacaville.

Band members Jacoby Shaddix and Jerry Horton first toured the Cancer Center’s James E. Lawrenz and Heidi Y. Campini Conference Center, where a special exhibit featuring Papa Roach memorabilia is on display. They were greeted by a number of Cancer Center physicians and NorthBay Healthcare Foundation board members before heading up to the Infusion Center.

“Wow, this place is so amazing,” Jacoby said as Teresa Langley, assistant vice president, oncology and neuroscience, led him through the Infusion Center.

And he got a bit of a surprise when he greeted patient Sally Patton-Poe, of Vacaville. It turns out Sally works at the elementary school Jacoby attended and knows his sixth-grade teacher. “Oh wow! Mr. Vanhoy was such a cool guy. He was one of my favorite teachers!”

After signing copies of their “Fear” (Face Everything And Rise) CD for the patients, Jacoby and Jerry were treated to a tour of the pharmacy area and then headed to the first floor for a look at the linear accelerator.

“Everything in this place is so well thought out,” Jerry noted. “It’s really incredible.”

Both said it was a privilege to be able to see the finished cancer center and that visiting and reaching out to the local community is important.

“We’ve been involved with NorthBay for a few years and being from Vacaville, we know a lot of people here,” Jerry explained. “It’s just important to give back.”

Jacoby agreed.

“You don’t forget your roots and so it’s great to get back here and see this. It’s just awesome.”

Jacoby and his wife, Kelly, established the Shaddix Family Charitable Fund through NorthBay Healthcare Foundation in 2014, and monies from the fund have been used to support NorthBay Hospice and Bereavement, the NorthBay Cancer Center and numerous children’s educational endeavors and scholarship funds, including a newly opened exhibit at Imagine That!

Imagine That! is where the tour headed after visiting the cancer center. There, Mayor Len Augustine formally proclaimed it Papa Roach Day in Vacaville and the band members met up with an original member Dave Buckner. The trio then led the crowd in chanting “Papa Roach! Papa Roach!” before heading off for a private dinner gathering.