Physicians Using Genes to Fight Cancer

A crowd of about 125 were treated to an insightful discussion on the latest developments in genomic science, including incredible advancements in cancer diagnosis and treatment during a special luncheon Nov. 2 at the NorthBay Healthcare Green Valley Administration Center.

NorthBay oncologist James Long, M.D., and Mayo Clinic oncologist Alan H. Bryce, M.D., teamed up for "Using Your Genes to Fight Cancer."

NorthBay President and CEO Konard Jones welcomed the audience, noting that the NorthBay Cancer Center is marking 30 years of service to the community and praising NorthBay's collaborative relationship with Mayo Clinic through the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

"For most people, when you get that scary news and your physician tells you that you have a serious medical condition, we can't hear anything after that until they tell you, 'Let's get a second opinion' … because then you have an opportunity to have faith and hope," he said. "And that is what being in this relationship is all about. It allows NorthBay doctors to have access to world-class medical leaders at Mayo Clinic."

Dr. Bryce explained the field of genomic science, explaining that it touches all kinds of medicine and that it provides opportunities for precision care: "Trying to get more information on what's going on with our patients so we can integrate, develop and deploy new individualized medicine."

Dr. Long shared examples of how advanced medicine is being put to use at NorthBay Cancer Center, noting the advantages of being in a collaborative relationship with Mayo Clinic. "It is exciting, cutting edge stuff," he said.