Joint Commission Lauds NorthBay for Electronic Quality Collection

The Joint Commission has selected NorthBay Healthcare for recognition as a 2017 Pioneers in Quality™ Data Contributor for voluntary submission of 2016 electronic clinical quality measurement (eCQM) data.

“This is not a quality award but an award for being an early adopter of technology to submit our quality data,” said Nicole Brocato, vice president of operations and chief quality officer.

NorthBay Healthcare was one of only 470 organizations recognized as a quality measure contributor this year and will be featured on the Pioneers in Quality page of The Joint Commission website. Pioneers in Quality is a Joint Commission program to assist hospitals on their journey toward eCOM adoption.

“Our appreciation goes to your entire team involved with this important work and your organization’s commitment to eCOM adoption for performance,” said David W. Baker, executive vice president, Healthcare Quality Evaluation and chair of the Pioneers in Quality Advisory Board.