Mayo Clinic Launches Show on NBC

Mayo Clinic will be featured on a new show titled "Health + Happiness with Mayo Clinic" every Saturday morning on NBC for 26 weeks beginning April 7.

The show will premiere as part of the network's Saturday morning programming block "The More You Know," which aims to give viewers high-quality, inspiring stories about environmental stewardship, social innovators, health, civic engagement and diversity.

"Health + Happiness with Mayo Clinic" will showcase how simple lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in one's health, well-being and even attitude. Host Joy Bauer, a leading nutrition expert and frequent contributor to NBC's "Today" show, will provide strategies on forming healthy eating habits, while co-host Vivien Williams, who currently reports for the Mayo Clinic News Network and who has been sharing Mayo Clinic breakthroughs for nearly two decades, brings science and innovation to the table on living a healthier and happier life. Each week the hosts, with the help of medical experts from Mayo Clinic, will educate viewers on a variety of topics that teach how to make better choices when it comes to healthy living. In particular, the producers say, it may help inspire teen viewers to "form healthy habits that are critical to inspiring a lifelong interest in living well."

Topics will include stories on heart health, fitness, sleep and more.

NorthBay Healthcare will share links to the programming on our social media sites and "Health + Happiness with Mayo Clinic" is already active on social media as well. It can be followed on Facebook at and on Twitter at