Winner Sees  the Value in #HealthTipTuesday

Diane Cassanello says she can see the value in NorthBay's #HealthTipTuesday Facebook campaign - and not just because she works in a Fairfield optometrist's office.

Cassanello is the winner of the March #HealthTipTuesday drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card. She won by posting a comment on one of the NorthBay Healthcare Facebook health tip posts. Anyone - employees and members of the public - can be entered in the monthly drawings by posting a comment or sharing one of the #HealthTipTuesday posts.

Cassanello posted a comment on a tip from pediatrician Michael Ginsberg, M.D., about not scolding children to scratching when they itch because it's a natural reaction like coughing is for respiratory illnesses. "Honestly, I saw that tip and thought 'Wow! I've never thought of it that way,' " Diane said, noting that she and her family are changing their approach with a 2-year-old family member with eczema.

"I just think the tips that are being offered are great!" she added.