#OurDocTalk Focuses on Kidneys

General kidney health, the options for treating kidney stones, and the importance of drinking water and eating a healthy diet dominated much of the discussion during the most recent #OurDocTalk on the NorthBay Facebook page.

During the half-hour chat, NorthBay urologist Edward Wang, M.D. fielded a half dozen questions from Facebook followers, starting off with a question on what potential impact diabetes medications could have on one's kidneys.

"Diabetes itself is a major cause for kidney function decline; diabetes is one of the most common causes for people on dialysis suffering kidney failure," he noted. "Therefore, it is of paramount importance for persons with diabetes to get it well under control at all times. (Neither) the medical treatment of diabetes such as antihyperglycemic agents nor insulin will not cause kidney damage."

Kidney stones were the topic of more than one question.

"What is the best way to get rid of kidney stones that won't pass?" asked one Facebook fan.

"It will be surgical intervention. Typically a stone in the kidney is treated with external shock wave therapy. A stone inside the ureter is treated with ureteroscopic holmium laser."

Asked about kidney stones developing more than 10 years apart, Dr. Wang got a little poetic.

"If you have a suspicion, please see your physician," adding, "kidney stones can certainly recur after many years."

Diet and the role it plays in urologic health was also a focus.

"Drinking more water is always the best choice," Dr. Wang noted. He also advised that "it is always good policy to live a healthy lifestyle by eating a normal healthy diet with rainbow color of vegetables and fruits" and avoiding processed foods.

The chat can be viewed on the NorthBay Facebook page (Facebook.com/NorthBayHealthcare) and a transcript will be posted on NorthBay.org.