Give a Hand for Hand Therapists

During Hand Therapy Week, June 4-8, NorthBay Healthcare salutes our employees who provide hand therapy services at our rehabilitation facilities.

Hand therapy services are provided at the NorthBay Rehabilitation Services clinic in Vacaville at the Wellness Center, and in the new Center for Orthopedics and Rehabilitation on Hilborn Road.

Patients are referred by physicians in our community and from throughout the Bay Area for these services.

Hand and upper extremity injuries and disease are special challenges for both patients and healthcare professionals. Hand disability can impair an individual's ability to function and can lead to prolonged periods off work.

A hand therapist is a physical or occupational therapist who has specialized in rehabilitation of the hand through advanced study and continuing education. The hand therapist evaluates and develops treatment plans to help patients obtain optimum function and the ability to return to productive work and satisfying lives.

Program services include functional and sensibility assessment; stretching and range of motion; mobilizations and strengthening; wound care and scar management; development of customized splints or positioning devices; edema control; pain management and desensitization; and patient and family education.

NorthBay's occupational therapists who provide services in Vacaville and Fairfield are Lori Russell, certified hand therapist, and Katie DesRoches, certified occupational therapist assistant.

For more information about hand therapy, contact the Rehabilitation Services Department at (707) 324-8290 or (707) 646-5599.