Cancer Center Glamour Room Receives 200 Brand New Wigs

Cancer treatments means hair loss for some patients but the NorthBay Cancer Center has plenty of options to help, thanks to a generous donation from the local chapter of the American Cancer Society.

The cancer center received some 200 brand new wigs for the "Glamour Room" at the center. The semi-private room on the first floor of the Wellness Center is now filled with wigs, hats and scarves. ACS volunteers work with patients to find just the right look and fit. Some of the wigs donated by the American Cancer Society.

"These wigs are provided to any and all patients in Solano County who are going through cancer treatment and are in need of a wig," explained Magi Philpot, licensed clinical social worker for the NorthBay Cancer Center.

Solano County cancer patients can make an appointment with an ACS volunteer by calling (707) 425-5006 ext 3.