NorthBay Data Doesn’t Disappoint

NorthBay Healthcare continued its collaboration with Mayo Clinic at an active clip during the first six months of 2018.

Since the first of the year, 20 NorthBay physicians across 14 specialties submitted 74 eConsult requests to Mayo Clinic. These electronic requests allow NorthBay and Mayo Clinic clinicians to connect and consult on complex medical cases. During the same six month period last year, 79 eConsults were submitted.

NorthBay Healthcare joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network in the spring of 2016 as the first hospital in Northern California to formally collaborate with Mayo Clinic to benefit patients close to home. NorthBay providers can access the experience of more than 4,000 Mayo Clinic physicians and scientists when they feel additional input will benefit their patients, whether it's a second opinion or an informal discussion of a complex case.

Oncologist James Long, M.D., has been the NorthBay physician champion of the collaboration with Mayo Clinic since its inception and continues to lead the way in terms of eConsult submissions. In the first six months of this year, he has submitted 12 eConsults.

"As a physician, I have seen the value of the eConsult process with my patients," said Dr. Long. "It is invaluable in complex cases, especially the cases where the patient is anxious at facing a serious medical situation. Knowing that they have the best medical care locally, complemented by the world's most trusted medical center, medical minds and research, brings them peace of mind."

NorthBay Cancer Center continues to lead the way in utilizing the eConsult process. In all, the NorthBay cancer specialists submitted 36 eConsults during the first six months of the year. Oncologists Jessica Powers, M.D., and Brian Vikstrom, M.D., followed behind Dr. Long in terms of numbers of eConsults. Each submitted nine consults during the first six months of the year.

And for the first time, a pediatrician utilized the collaborative process. Judy Yang, D.O., submitted an eConsult in June.

Through the eConsult process, Mayo Clinic specialists answer a physician's focused question about diagnosis, therapy or management after considering the physician's notes and reviewing the patient's electronic medical record, imaging studies and laboratory tests.

By requesting an eConsult, NorthBay doctors can gain the insight of their Mayo colleagues while helping their patients avoid additional travel and cost. The Mayo Clinic reviews often include new information about clinical trials and research studies.