Facebook Chat Shares Facts on OMM

Via live streaming video, followers of the NorthBay Healthcare Facebook page got detailed insight into osteopathic manipulative medicine during the latest #OurDocTalk.

Physician Angela Lim, D.O. spent the half-hour chat explaining what OMM is and answering questions on how it works, what types of health issues it can address and how important it is to include exercise as part of any treatment plan.

"OMM is basically a way of diagnosing and treating the body using your hands," Dr. Lim explained.

Determining whether a patient would benefit from OMM involves "getting to know" that patient, she said.

"This new fad I've read about called 'lifestyle medicine,' well, for osteopaths, we've been doing that for a long time," she said. "We evaluate what your diet is like, what you do for exercise, if any, and then we get into what your trauma history is, if you've had falls or car accidents that could affect your body. Then we'll do a thorough exam, looking at nerves, reflexes, strength, and the body as a whole." An initial appointment with a patient can take up to 45 minutes, she said.

OMM can be used to treat many conditions, Dr. Lim said. It can help with neck and lower back issues, arthritis and even pregnant moms and their babies.

"I love treating pregnant women. They can't take much for their pain and … OMM is very safe," she said. Because of the changes a woman experiences during pregnancy, joints and ligaments can relax and get out of place and the center of gravity for the body changes as the baby grows. "OMM can help with that."

After the baby is born, Dr. Lim says her patients will often bring the baby in to see her.

"Their little bodies go through a lot during labor and delivery," she said, explaining that the trip through the birth canal can squeeze the baby's head which irritates the nerves at the base of the skull affecting feeding. OMM can help put things in position to restore the sucking reflex.

When it comes to exercise and activity with OMM, Dr. Lim said it's vital.

"Our bodies are made to move, so it's important to do what you can," she said.

OMM can play a part in getting people up and active. "If you are hurting and can't move, I can help ease some of the pain so you can exercise and move a little bit more," she said.

The chat can be viewed on the NorthBay Healthcare Facebook page at Facebook.com/NorthBayHealthcare.