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Moving Ahead on OpEx 2020 Posted: May 23, 2018

Projects to pursue NorthBay's Operational Excellence and the goals in the strategic plan, Eyes on 2020, have been identified and will soon be introduced to teams around NorthBay.

This new initiative, OpEx 2020, is the fruition of much study of a systemwide assessment completed with the help of Kaufman Hall, a consulting firm that has done similar top-to-bottom studies of health systems across the nation.

More than 150 potential opportunities were presented in the study, but not all of them are included in OpEx 2020. That's because some did not support NorthBay's efforts to improve patient safety, or ensure quality care, or came in conflict with our NorthBay culture.

"We believe there are many good things to pursue that are related to increasing our revenue," noted President and CEO Konard Jones. "It's not all about looking for ways to trim."

He cited an initiative that will look to enhance our specialty pharmacy services, which could increase revenue and provide a much-needed service to NorthBay patients, who curently have to travel out of county for these rare and often very expensive medications.

Several projects will look at the revenue cycle work we do and how billing is structured.

The goal, Konard explained, is to achieve just 5 percent improvement in the financial performance of NorthBay.

"And much of that will be revenue capture."

Efficiencies can make a significant impact, and at the same time improve patient care, said Aimee Brewer, president of NorthBay Healthcare Group.

"If we can implement more ways to have standard work in all areas, we can improve safety and patient care. Standard work does not equate soley to financial improvement, it is more about providing the highest quality care we can."

Aimee stressed that this will continue to be a collaborative initiative.

Already more than 100 managers, supervisors and leads were part of the analysis and project prioritization.

The next step will be to introduce work design ideas and changes to teams that will work on new projects.