NorthBay Healthcare Partners with OLE Health

With assistance from NorthBay Healthcare, OLE Health will open a second Fairfield health center Nov. 5 to meet the needs of Solano County residents, bringing more services to the heart of the city.

After launching its first Solano County endeavor three years ago in West Fairfield, OLE Health will take up a second residence in Solano County with the opening of a new health center on NorthBay Healthcare’s most comprehensive hospital campus.

The new center, with 2,000 square feet of space at 1101 B. Gale Wilson Blvd., Suite 101-C, will begin as a 30-hour part-time facility and eventually expand hours in NorthBay Healthcare Plaza, right across the street from NorthBay Medical Center.Carolina Torres, M.A., shows off some of her new equipment at OLE Health's NorthBay location.

“Our goal is to ensure that everyone in Solano County has proper access to high-quality primary and preventive care,” said Alicia Hardy, Chief Executive Officer at OLE Health. “This new location will serve as a resource for many patients in the community and we truly thank NorthBay Healthcare for generously providing us with an excellent venue from which to reach people in the heart of Fairfield.”

The partnership between OLE Health and NorthBay Healthcare ensures local residents will have access to convenient, seamless and comprehensive health services. OLE Health’s integrated model of care, which puts the patient at the center of their own healthcare team, will be complemented by NorthBay Healthcare’s wide-ranging advanced medical services.

“This is a perfect union to further the mission of two patient-focused, quality-based health care providers,” noted B. Konard Jones, President and CEO of NorthBay Healthcare. “In a short period of time in Solano County, OLE Health has embraced a population that struggles to find a medical ‘home’ and it promptly delivered high-quality care sorely needed by an underserved population.”

Orlinda Plancarte, R.N. and Claudio Provedor, R.N., check out equipment at the new OLE Health clinic.“Finding a doctor is not easy,” said Nancy Villa, resident of East Fairfield and current OLE Health patient. “Since OLE Health first opened in Fairfield I’ve experienced the wonderful care they have to offer, and a new location closer to home will help patients like me stay healthy. I think their partnership with NorthBay Healthcare benefits our entire community.”

Leaders of the organizations say the partnership is a good fit because both share a focus on preventive medicine and primary care, helping patients get well and stay healthy. OLE Health approaches it as a federally qualified health center (FQHC) caring for a vulnerable segment of the community, including the uninsured, Medi-Cal families, and seniors looking for care. NorthBay Healthcare offers primary and advanced medical services, but as an independent, community-based health system open to all.

“What we hope to do together is to raise the level of community health and wellness through high-quality preventative care, and not just aim at one episode or illness,” explained Hardy. “OLE has devoted time, energy and resources to develop our team-based model of care, which makes it easy for patients to access a whole range of services under one roof.”

Jones concurred, adding, “As we achieve that goal, we’ll be keeping more patients out of emergency rooms because they will be healthier, and stay healthy, which means a better quality of life for everyone.”

“As one of the few providers in this region to continually accept Medi-Cal and Denti-Cal patients, OLE Health is able to offer quality services and programs, including adult health, pediatrics and dental care. OLE also helps patients enroll in health insurance,” said Dr. David Gorchoff, Chief Medical Officer for OLE Health.

“NorthBay provides local residents access to advanced medicine, close to home,” said Aimee Brewer, president of NorthBay Healthcare Group, pointing out the wide array of services and providers, from primary care to specialty care, including oncology, neurosurgery, trauma and emergency care. “And we are a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, which means our physicians have access to world-renowned experts for collaboration and second opinions.”

Together, OLE Health and NorthBay Healthcare bridge the gaps for the under-insured, the newly-insured and the uninsured.

The center will be open Monday through Thursday each week. For hours, call (707) 419-8990.