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Long, Sad Day for Entire NorthBay Team

Posted: August 15, 2018

NorthBay Trauma Center and the entire Fairfield hospital campus answered the call last Friday in the wake of a tragic traffic accident that claimed the life of a Vallejo man and a 19-year California Highway Patrol officer.

Law enforcement agencies descended on NorthBay Medical Center when the CHP motor officer, a Vacaville resident, arrived shortly after 9 a.m. More than 100 stayed until a procession led his family and colleagues away around 4 p.m.

"It was a heartbreaking day for the CHP, for law enforcement and for the officer's family, as well as our team here," explained Aimee Brewer, NorthBay Healthcare Group president. "This was more difficult than other tragedies we experience because we work with first responders so closely."

During the day, Nutrition Services provided water and food for those who came to stand vigil and to support the family. Other NorthBay departments answered the call, as well.

"I am very proud of how our trauma team worked valiantly for both patients, how our Emergency Department team ensured every patient who came to us received care, how our Social Services team cared for family and friends, how our entire hospital staff were gracious, compassionate hosts throughout the day," Aimee added. "It was a very long, sad day."