Sporting a ‘Refreshing’ New Look

Posted: January 21, 2019

You may have noticed a new look for NorthBay Healthcare’s website. A site refresh was recently launched for after a team effort. It was aimed at updating the site to make it more efficient and more user-friendly, particularly on mobile devices.

In addition to a refreshed look on the main landing page, the redesign takes a “mobile first” approach aimed at making it easier to find provider information with a focus on NorthBay’s keynote service lines. Finding specialists is easier, while providing links to providers, videos and resources.

“You can tell when a car was designed and built by looking at it, and it’s no different for websites,” explained Dan Fowler, senior designer in Business Development. “Design trends evolve. Technology advances, and people know when they are dealing with an outdated site with an old design. It affects our credibility.”  Visitors who cannot easily navigate a site easily get frustrated and leave, he added.

Some fine-tuning and modifications on the site will continue during the next several weeks.

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