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Here for You

Our oncology nurse navigators are here to support you and your family through the complex diagnosis, treatment, and recovery process. Your oncology nurse navigator will answer your questions, expedite appointments, and organize test results, as well as act as a resource for information about any topic from support groups to clinical trial facts.

Our Oncology Nurse Navigators

Keni Horiuchi, Oncology Nurse Navigator Keni Horiuchi, RN, MSN, AOCN, CBCN - Oncology CNS/Nurse Navigator
I found my passion for working with patients diagnosed with cancer in nursing school when I chose oncology as an elective. I truly enjoy being able to ease the fear and anxiety patients and their families encounter by assisting and encouraging them through diagnosis, treatment and into survivorship. My goal is to bring hope and humor into as many encounters with patients as possible. I earned my nursing degree from the University of Hawaii in 1980 and master's degree in nursing from the University of California, San Francisco in 1993. I have lived in Solano County for more than 20 years and joined the team at NorthBay Healthcare in 1993. I am an Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist, an Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse and one of only 900 Certified Breast Care Nurses in the country. When I am not working I love to cook, play the guitar and sing. You can reach me at (707) 624-8009 or

Natasha Perkins, Oncology Nurse NavigatorNatasha Perkins, RN, MSN, AOCNS - Nurse Navigator/Research Nurse
Prior to becoming an registered nurse, I was a certified research associate at the UC Davis Cancer Center having earned an undergraduate degree in Biology from UC Davis. While interacting with patients who were receiving treatment on clinical trials, I discovered that I wanted to be able to do more than just coordinate their care. I pursued graduate studies in nursing with a focus in Oncology and earned my nursing degree in 2013 and master's degree in nursing in 2014 from San Francisco State University. I enjoy establishing relationships with patients and their families as well as educating them about their disease and treatment options. My number one goal is to coordinate care and make the entire process run smoothly. A long-time resident of Solano County, I joined the team at NorthBay Healthcare in 2015. I am an Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist and working towards earning certification as an Advanced Oncology Certified Nurse. When I am not working I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking and backpacking. You can reach me at (707) 624-8007 or

Frequently Asked Questions

What training does an oncology nurse navigator have?

An oncology nurse navigator is a nurse with experience in working with cancer patients and their families. NorthBay oncology nurse navigators are Oncology Certified Nurses, hold valid Oncology Nursing Society Chemotherapy and Biotherapy provider cards and possess a minimum of a bachelor's degree in nursing. A breast health nurse navigator has experience with the imaging and surgical care of breast cancer. 

What is the cost of a nurse navigator?

There is no additional charge for oncology and breast health nurse navigator services.  

What can I expect from a nurse navigator?

The role of the oncology and breast health nurse navigator is to ease the burden of cancer treatment on both the patient and his/her family by:

  • Serving as a point of contact for clinical coordination and questions regarding your cancer related care in the NorthBay System.
  • Helping you understand your diagnosis and treatment options, as well as your follow-up survivorship plan.
  • Coordinating communication between you and your healthcare team.
  • Collaborating with the members of your healthcare team to provide timely diagnosis and treatment.
  • Connecting you with other services, such as financial counseling, cancer clinical trials, genetic counseling and other support services.
  • Helping you and your family to connect with community services.

How do I contact a nurse navigator?

With your permission, your physician can refer you to an oncology or breast health nurse navigator or call the NorthBay Cancer Center at (707) 624-8000.