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Are you at risk for heart disease?
This simple quiz can help you learn more about your heart health.

   Yes?   Do you have a family history (parents or siblings) of heart disease?
  Yes?   Do you have a family history of early stroke?
  Yes?   Do you have a family history of other cardiovascular disease such as: High blood pressure, Congestive heart failure, Sudden death, Poor circulation in your legs, Arrhythmias,
  Yes?   Do you have high cholesterol or take medication to treat high cholesterol?
  Yes?   Are you diabetic or do you currently take medication to treat diabetes?
  Yes?   Do you have high blood pressure (hypertension) or are you currently taking medication to treat high blood pressure?
  Yes?   Do you smoke, use tobacco products, or are you exposed to second-hand smoke on a daily basis?
  Yes?   Do you have discomfort in your legs when you walk? (Example: burning, cramping, tingling, numbness, heaviness, pain.)
  Yes?   Do you have kidney disease or receive dialysis?

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