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Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) is a minimally invasive heart procedure to relieve aortic value stenosis and is an alternative to open heart surgery.

Not everyone is a good candidate for open-heart surgery, and TAVR allows our cardiac team to replace the malfunctioning aortic heart valve in a patient's heart with a balloon-expandable replacement that, once expanded, can regulate the heart's blood flow and restore proper oxygen levels.

What is aortic valve stenosis?

Aortic value stenosis is a condition where the flaps of tissue that regulate the flow of blood through the aortic valve in the heart is damaged by a build-up of mineral deposits (like calcium). This build-up interferes with the heart's ability to send our blood to the lungs to become oxygenated, reducing the amount of oxygen that then gets shared to the brain and rest of our body. This lack of oxygen can cause severe shortness of breath and fatigue in those who suffer from this disorder.

What is the advantage of TAVR?

TAVR is much less invasive than open heart surgery for patients with aortic stenosis which means less time in the hospital and a faster recovery.

The TAVR Procedure at NorthBay

The procedure is performed in NorthBay Medical Center's new hybrid operating room equipped with high resolution digital imaging for complex surgeries. TAVR generally takes 1-2 hours and patients stay in the hospital just a day or two. Your specially trained cardiologist (?) will make a small incision in an artery your groin, ribs or neck and guide a thin tube with your new heart valve into your diseased valve.

The tube is removed and the incision is closed. Your new valve begins working immediately. After you wake up in the recovery area you will be moved to Intensive Care for x time so we can monitor your new valve closely. Within a day or two you will begin walking and on your way home.

Your cardiologist will see you in the office in a month and then follow up once a year or more frequently if you have changes in your health. (What about cardiac rehab?)

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