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Recover more quickly and completely with high-quality, Medicare-certified health care in the familiar comfort of your home.

The broad range of our home health care services gives patients and families' the confidence and knowledge they need to manage their medical concerns and often prevent hospitalization. We customize programs for each patient's needs to promote a smooth recovery after hospital discharge and encourage long-term health.

Our Home Health Care services include:

  • Skilled in-home nursing care
  • Wound care
  • Physical, speech and occupational therapy
  • Urinary catheter changes
  • Ostomy care and teaching
  • IV Antibiotic therapy
  • Disease management
  • Patient and family education
  • Medical social worker assistance
  • Coordination of rental and delivery of medical equipment
  • Counseling on long-term care issues

Frequently Asked Questions:

Advance Directives are documents written in advance of an incapacitating illness to provide guidance for families and caregivers. These documents usually will name an agent to make decisions when a patient is unable to do so. The documents may also state a patient's choice about treatment.

NorthBay Healthcare recommends the Advance Health Care Directive since it allows for an agent to be appointed. Click here to download a PDF Advance Health Care Directive Form (English/Spanish).

Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) is a form that gives seriously-ill patients more control over their end-of-life care, including medical treatment, extraordinary measures (such as a ventilator or feeding tube) and CPR. POLST can prevent unwanted or ineffective treatments, reduce patient and family suffering, and ensure that a patient's wishes are honored.

You can download POLST forms here.

A POLST form is a medical order that tells emergency health care professionals what to do in case of a medical crisis where the patient cannot speak for him/herself. An advance directive is a legal document that tells who the patient wants making medical treatment decisions for him/her when he/she cannot speak and, generally, what treatments the patient does or does not want.

Both documents provide difference pieces of information, but you may not need a POLST form until you become seriously ill, frail, or are close to the end of your life.

Learn more about the differences and how these two forms compliment each other on the official POLST website.

Light blue rounded square with the white icon of a check list.

Have you asked your care provider about POLST? POLST, or Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment, is a medical order signed by a patient and health care provider that gives seriously-ill patients more control over their end-of-life care.

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