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An hour glass with sand is shown. Headline above the image reads "Learn the Warning Signs of a Stroke. Call 911 Immediately. Because time lost is brain lost."

If a Stroke Strikes, NorthBay is Ready

In an instant, a stroke can change the course of your life, causing weakness, the inability to speak, or paralysis on one side of the body, short-term memory loss, balance problems and even death.

Our stroke program at NorthBay Medical Center and VacaValley Hospital offers a rapid response stroke team, comprised of Emergency Department physicians, neurologists, specially trained nurses and other critical support staff. The stroke team quickly evaluates and treats patients utilizing the latest in leading-edge diagnostic, treatment and interventional techniques. Patients who receive rapid treatment have a better chance for survival, and suffer less permanent damage.

Robots at the Ready

When an ED physician signals a stroke alert, a call is made to the Mercy Neurological Institute in Sacramento and an InTouch telehealth robot rolls to the patient's bedside. It carries with it all the technology needed to give Mercy experts real-time information so they can collaborate with NorthBay physicians at the patient's bedside for a quick diagnosis.

The Road to Recovery

The length of time a stroke patient remains in the hospital depends upon the type and severity of the brain injury. Within 24 hours of hospital admission, a rehabilitation therapist evaluates the patient's level of neurological damage, cognitive abilities and muscle strength and tone. Some patients who have had a small stroke may find their symptoms resolve in a few days. However, if many bodily or cognitive functions have been affected, it's an indication of greater brain damage and the patient may have residual effects for months, or for the rest of their life. How the brain heals depends on the level of damage caused by the stroke. Click here to learn more about rehabilitation services at NorthBay.

New Beginnings Support Group

The New Beginnings Support Group is for caregivers, family members and stroke survivors. This group meets on the third Tuesday of each month from 10 to 11:30 a.m. at the NorthBay VacaValley Health Plaza, Suite 240 or Suite 290, in Vacaville.

The group provides a great opportunity for members to get the support from people who understand what they've been through. For more information, call Elizabeth Gladney at (707) 646-4034.