Close-up view of an infant's face whose mouth is wide open.

benefits of breast feedingWhile breastfeeding is natural, it isn't always easy. Proper positioning and getting your baby to latch on properly are just two of the challenges you may face as a breastfeeding mom. Our international board-certified lactation consultants are available for private appointments and phone support through our Outpatient Lactation Clinic. We are here to help you with any of the challenges you may face. An appointment with one of our consultants can include sore nipples, preemie concerns, fussiness, engorgement, low milk supply, slow weight gain, breast surgery, pumping, going back to work, jaundice and more.

For breastfeeding questions and support, call our lactation specialists at (707) 646-5024 or make an appointment at (707) 646-4166.