Why Choose NorthBay's Spinal Program?

When back or neck pain makes even the simplest movements difficult, it's time to get it checked out. Our spinal program's multidisciplinary team brings a "conservative first" approach, offering a range of holistic treatments that help your body heal. And, when stronger medicine is called for, whether it's specialized injections, minimally invasive spine surgery or spinal reconstruction, we have the experts on our team.

The NorthBay Spinal Program team includes experts from a variety of disciplines including neurosurgery, pain management, osteopathic manipulative medicine and physical therapy. Click here to find the best doctor for you.

With our spine care clinic in the brand new VacaValley Wellness center in Vacaville, we are close to where you live and work. When you're hurting, you don't want to wait, that's why we set aside appointments for new patients every week. Call us, in most cases we will find an appointment for you within a couple of days (707) 646-4370.