Choosing Well...

For those that already have Medicare, the annual enrollment period for 2022 ended December 7th. Good news, if you're unhappy with your Medicare Advantage plan (Medicare Part C), you have options. Learn more here.

January 1 through March 31 is the Medicare Advantage open enrollment period. This means that if you selected a Medicare Advantage plan and you want to change to a different Medicare Advantage plan or return to Original Medicare you can. For more details, either attend one of our Medicare 101 & Options presentations, contact your insurance broker or visit the website.

Looking for a Plan?

You have more Medicare Advantage health plan choices in Solano County in 2022:

In 2022,
you can choose

* NorthBay Healthcare is considered out-of-network for this plan. This may result in higher out of pocket costs to the member.

Medicare Advantage plans offer more benefits than Original Medicare including prescription drug coverage (Part D), and others such as dental, vision and over-the-counter allowance.

If your current plan doesn't offer the benefits and features you are looking for, it may be time to switch to a new Medicare plan.

Of course we'll continue to accept Medicare and supplemental plans such as Tri-Care for Life and AARP.

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