Patricial Fenili, NP

Patricia Moré, NP

Advanced Health Practitioner, Primary Care
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When I first considered a career path, I really thought I wanted to be a teacher. I went to school but after I had children, I realized that I was really meant to be a caregiver. I like taking care of people. I had most of my science and math done and so I looked into nursing and began working at VacaValley Hospital as soon as I graduated. Then I went back and got my master’s degree for family nurse practitioner.

As a nurse practitioner, I have the autonomy to work directly with patients in managing chronic problems like diabetes and hypertension but I also regularly collaborate with Dr. Douglas Freeman at the Center for Primary Care in Fairfield. The doctor and I are always back and forth, assessing and discussing treatment.

A lot of people don’t know what a nurse practitioner does: Are they a nurse? A doctor’s helper? Just like a doctor? A nurse practitioner does a lot of the same things as a doctor. We take health histories, order labs and interpret their findings, prescribe medications, develop treatment plans and, yes, educate. So I did become a teacher in many ways. There is a lot of teaching involved and we have time to sit and explain things.

When I meet with a patient, I try to take the time needed to get their medical history and hear what their concerns are. I really listen and try to explain to them the importance of prioritizing their health. They are the first line of defense in their own wellbeing. If they don’t buy into taking care of themselves, it’s hard to help them.

When I am not working, I love to walk my dogs, ride bikes, go to movies, and read.


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