You can choose to make a difference in your community

Women's HOPE at NorthBay Health is a networking group focused on Health, Opportunity, Philanthropy and Engagement! The goal is to build a network of like-minded women making a difference through collective philanthropy and engagement to give back to your community.

Throughout the year, HOPE member's will be invited to exclusive fun and educational events where you will hear directly from physician leaders, specialists and hospital administrators about general health care issues that affect residents of Solano County and the care NorthBay Health provides.

Benefit personally from the satisfaction that you are making a difference by being part of a collaborative, informed and empowered force enhancing health care in your community.

Logo for Women's HOPE at NorthBay: four petals of various greens and blues arranged above the word Hope.


Our mission is to passionately support and raise awareness of the quality and availability of health care to all those served by NorthBay Health.


Our purpose is to foster engagement; provide opportunity for health care education and encourage philanthropy among women in Solano County.


Our Goal is to start with a group of charter members in 2024 to amass $100,000 by fall and HOPE will choose where in NorthBay Health to invest the money.

Join us at our next event:

Thursday, June 6, 2024
5:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Green Valley Administration Center
4500 Business Center Drive Fairfield

Join us for a presentation on Health, Wealth, and Philanthropy with Dr. Larissa Chartrand and Amanda Ferrari, JD.

For more information, or to RSVP, contact Susan Snyder at, or call (707) 646-3131.

How Women's HOPE Works:

Each member will contribute $1,000 a year, and once a year Women's HOPE will choose how to invest the money to support patient care and medical services at NorthBay Health.

Corporate memberships are $2,500 and include three memberships.

HOPE comes under the auspices of NorthBay Health Foundation, which cultivates community and philanthropy support for Solano County’s only locally managed, independent health care system.

  • Linda Anzalone, O.D.
  • Gaylene Andersen
  • Sue Bajwa
  • Rebecca Barnes
  • Diane Barney
  • Sara Behl
  • Jaye Lynn Bonham
  • Francie Bryan
  • Elaine Bryant
  • Heidi Campini
  • Darlene Capenhurst
  • Shelley Carlson
  • Tracy Clifton
  • Lisa Collins, M.D.
  • Jeannette Demma
  • Forrest Doughtery
  • Amanda Ferrari
  • Tracy Geddis
  • P.J. Goodson
  • Rowyn Harlan
  • Theresa Hite
  • Robin Hunt
  • Wendy Jackson
  • Margret Lopez
  • Katie Lydon
  • Alexis McKown
  • Lori Muir
  • Joann Munski
  • Loretta Olson
  • Sandy Person
  • Helen Pierson
  • Audrey Plough
  • Jessica Powers, M.D.
  • Heather Resseger
  • Ana Reyes
  • Lindsay Ross
  • Sheniece Smith
  • Susan Snyder
  • Heather Theaux
  • Cyndi Tierney
  • Tayler Tildsley
  • Keyo Tocchini
  • Heather Troutt
  • Jennifer Tudor
  • Jennifer Veler
  • Karen Vikstrom
  • Camryn Wentworth
  • Sally Wyatt
All the women who make up the steering committee for HOPE: Susan Snyder, Keyo Tocchini, Gaylene Andersen, Francie Bryan, Tracy Geddis, Wendy Jackson, Ana Reyes, Katie Lydon, Lori Muir, and Jessica Powers, M.D.

Women's HOPE Steering Committee

  • Susan Snyder
  • Keyo Tocchini
  • Gaylene Andersen
  • Francie Bryan
  • Tracy Geddis
  • Wendy Jackson
  • Ana Reyes
  • Katie Lydon
  • Lori Muir
  • Jessica Powers, M.D.

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