Our Coronavirus Stories

Survey: Are You Still Masking? Share your masking strategy with us in a short survey. September 1, 2022
Small child looking up at his doctor who just gave him a shot and is putting a bandage over the area. They are both wearing blue surgical masks.
Protecting Our Youngest Patients from COVID NorthBay Health is offering Moderna COVID vaccine clinics for its pediatric patients age 6 months and... August 1, 2022
A person with a small bandage on their arm holding up a
Who Needs a Second COVID-19 Vaccine Booster? What you need to know about a second COVID booster. June 2, 2022
Time for Travel? Maybe! Some are ready but others are wary. Here are summer traveling tips. June 2, 2022
A woman packing a yellow suitcase on her bed in preparation for travel. Items like credit cards, sunglasses, a mask, and hand sanitizer can be seen in the foreground.
Away We Go? Car, cruise or plane? Tell us how you feel about travel. April 1, 2022
A fatigued woman sitting dejectedly on her bed in pajamas.
Fighting COVID-19’s Long-term Effects COVID symptoms can sometimes persist — increasing risk of long-term health problems. March 1, 2022

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