Our Coronavirus Stories

A fatigued woman sitting dejectedly on her bed in pajamas.
Fighting COVID-19’s Long-term Effects COVID symptoms can sometimes persist — increasing risk of long-term health problems. March 1, 2022
Man with short-cropped, black hair outside facing the camera while placing a N95 mask on.
Best Masks for COVID Protection Which mask is best at protecting against COVID-19 and how to spot a fake? February 1, 2022
World map showing the various COVID-19 mutation variants. Microscopic view of infectious SARS-CoV-2 virus cells appear around the border of the image.
COVID Variants and Omicron What you should know about COVID-19, variants and Omicron. January 1, 2022
Artistic computer rendering of COVID-19 antibodies.
Vaccines vs. Natural Immunity How much immunity does someone have after recovering from a coronavirus infection, and how does it... December 1, 2021
A small child receives his first COVID-19 vaccine dose at his doctor’s office.
Tips to Help your Child with Vaccine Anxiety No one likes getting a shot, but for children it can be especially scary. Here are... December 1, 2021
A whole family showing off the bandages on their arm after receiving their initial dose or 3rd dose booster.
COVID-19 3rd Dose Vaccines are Available The Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have authorized Covid-19 third.... December 1, 2021

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