Our Primary Care Stories

A group of doctors with their hands over each other's in the center in a symbol of camaraderie.
NorthBay Health Welcomes New Physicians Meet our latest primary, specialty care additions. September 1, 2022
A bottle of sunscreen, a wide-brimmed straw hat and some sunglasses sitting on top of a striped blue towel on a slatted white bench. Shimmering water can be seen in the background.
Six Tips for Sun Safety Six tips to protect you and your family from the summer sun. August 1, 2022
A doctor examining a man's neck in a doctor's office.
Protect the Whole Picture of Men's Health How preventive medicine and annual exams empower men’s overall health. June 2, 2022
A girl rubbing her neck from pain while looking down at her phone.
Nix Your Neck Pain at NorthBay How to improve “tech neck” and other factors that cause neck pain. May 1, 2022
Pollen from a dandelion blowing into the wind.
Finding Relief This Allergy Season Spring brings beautiful blooms and ugly allergy symptoms. Nip symptoms in the bud. April 1, 2022
Illustration depicting on the left a white stethoscope on an orange background, and on the right a white ambulance on a dark blue background. In the middle is a white circle with vs in black text.
When to Choose Urgent Care or Emergency Room How do you know when to take your concerns to a primary doctor, urgent care or... April 1, 2022

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