Small child looking up at his doctor who just gave him a shot and is putting a bandage over the area. They are both wearing blue surgical masks.
Protecting Our Youngest Patients from COVID

NorthBay Health is offering Moderna COVID vaccine clinics for its pediatric patients age 6 months and up by appointment only.

Posted: August 1, 2022
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A man wearing a burgundy red apron tossing together quinoa salad with wooden spoons in a wooden bowl.
Healthy Choice Ideas for Warm Weather Meals Summer picnics, barbecues call for fresh, light and healthy side dishes. August 1, 2022
A woman wearing a cozy orange sweater standing in front of a ivy covered wall. She has her hands overlapped on her stomach and is looking to the left, smiling.
High Tech Care for Today’s Women Robotic technology speeds recovery, lessens pain for many gynecologic patients. August 1, 2022
A bottle of sunscreen, a wide-brimmed straw hat and some sunglasses sitting on top of a striped blue towel on a slatted white bench. Shimmering water can be seen in the background.
Six Tips for Sun Safety Six tips to protect you and your family from the summer sun. August 1, 2022
Happy Patient Partners with Dr. Brooks on Facebook Live
Happy Patient Partners with Dr. Brooks on Facebook Do you or someone you know have knees that feel more like rusted hinges on a.... July 29, 2022
Vacaville resident Liz Osburn is the winner of NorthBay Health’s June #HealthTipTuesday drawing.
Another #Healthy Winner Vacaville resident Liz Osburn is the winner of NorthBay Health’s June #HealthTipTuesday drawing for a $50.... July 28, 2022
NorthBay Medical Center is ranked as a high-performing hospital by U.S. News and World Reports.
NorthBay Medical Center Ranked High Performing NorthBay Medical Center has once again been recognized as a High Performing Hospital by U.S. News.... July 26, 2022

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