CEO Steps Up as a Vaccine Role Model

Posted: January 29, 2021

NorthBay Healthcare President and CEO Konard Jones has added his voice — and his arm — to a vaccination campaign aimed at instilling confidence in not only the health care community, but also in the community at large, and specifically, in communities of color.

Jones recorded a video which will be shown online and in social media explaining that he was happy to roll up his sleeve, when it was his turn.

“Our frontline workers came first, those courageous nurses, NorthBay Healthcare President and CEO Konard Jones prepares to receive his COVID-19 vaccine.physicians, techs and more who make it their mission every day to bring compassionate care and advanced medicine to our community,” he said.

He acknowledged the serious concerns and trust issues that exist in communities of color.

“Those fears are unfortunately legitimate, because this country — including healthcare professionals in the not-so-distance past – have done some terrible things to violate the health and dignity of people of color,” he said. “But this vaccine, the product of forward-thinking scientists and medical experts, is a symbol — and a vehicle — of hope for all of us, regardless of the color of our skin. This vaccine will save lives, and it is my hope that it saves people of all ages and ethnicities equally.”

Jones said he was happy to step up and serve as a role model.

“I wanted my healthcare team and my community to know I have confidence in the vaccine and the science behind it. I want to use this opportunity to say that I believe the vaccine is our best hope to get this global pandemic under control and get our lives and our businesses and yes, our health care system, back to normal,” he said.

To date, nearly two-thirds of NorthBay Healthcare’s employees have taken either their first or both vaccines. Some initially concerned in the beginning have changed their minds, as they have read more about it, and watched their colleagues line up.

Jones hopes the community is paying attention, and will respond in the same maneer.

“Please consider joining me in getting the vaccine when your turn comes,” he says at the end of the video.


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