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Posted: February 12, 2021

When it comes to fielding community questions about COVID-19 vaccines, Seth Kaufman, M.D., and Gregory Warner, D.O., frequently find themselves in the spotlight.

So it only made sense that when NorthBay Healthcare decided to do a series of videos sharing useful information and answering frequently asked questions with the community, that Drs. Warner and Kaufman would take the lead.

Dr. Warner, infectious disease specialist, and Dr. Kaufman, chief medical officer, both shared their personal experiences with the vaccine.

Standing at one end of the long Green Valley Conference Center, with a patient vaccination clinic behind them, they talked about the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, reactions after the first and second doses and Solano County’s distribution. They also answered some frequently asked questions, such as “Should people with allergies get the vaccine,” and “What about people on various medications?”

They explained that people should not pre-medicate with Tylenol or Motrin prior to the vaccine, but can use it after, although it was discouraged. And that even after a second dose, everyone should continue to wash their hands, wear a mask and social distance.

The videos will be featured on as well as NorthBay’s Facebook page, Youtube page and LinkedIn.

Facebook Chats Continue

Dr. Kaufman is no stranger to answering common questions from the public. Since June, he has been participating in an every-other-week Facebook Live streaming video chat in which he fields questions about the virus, and more recently, about the vaccine.

On Thursday, his half-hour Facebook chat focused on the latest case numbers locally as well as the vaccine rollout.

“The numbers continue to be encouraging,” he said, noting that hospitalizations and positive case numbers are declining. He attributes that to a natural decline following the holiday surge in December and January but also said it could be the impact of efforts to vaccinate the most vulnerable populations locally: frontline workers and those age 75 and up.

He also talked about the safety of the vaccines, noting the Centers for Disease Control recently reported on data from the first 22 million doses administered across the nation. He noted that many reported sore arms, fatigue, and other less serious effects and also noted the low numbers of people with severe allergic reaction — 2.8 per 1 million people with the Moderna vaccine and five per 1 million people with the Pfizer vaccine. He added that none of those cases resulted in death.

“So it continues to be both safe and effective,” he said, adding “when you get the chance to be vaccinated, please, please sign up.”

He also talked about the need to continue preventive measures after the vaccination, including hand washing, distancing and wearing a mask and reminded viewers to be cautious during the Super Bowl weekend.

His next Facebook chat is scheduled for 10 a.m. on March 4 on the NorthBay Facebook page (


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