01 DEC 2021

COVID-19 3rd Dose Vaccines are Available

A whole family showing off the bandages on their arm after receiving their initial dose or 3rd dose booster.
Families with children age 5 and up are encouraged to get their immunization against COVID-19. NorthBay Healthcare is offering the Pfizer vaccine, but Moderna and Johnson and Johnson are also readily available in the community. Check MyTurn.Ca.Gov.

The Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have authorized Covid-19 third dose “booster” vaccines. Patients may get a booster dose of the same vaccine of their primary series or another of the COVID vaccines under the “mix and match” strategy.

We are only offering the Pfizer vaccine at this time however eligible individuals for the third dose include:

  • Individuals, ages 18 and older, who received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine for their primary series at least six months ago.
  • Individuals, ages 18 and older, who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for their primary vaccine dose at least two months ago.

Patients can schedule via the MyTurn.ca.gov website, or message their CPC physician's office via the patient portal to request the vaccine.

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