01 JAN 2022

5 Exercises to Get in Shape in 2022

Woman in a red zipper jacket looking away from the camera and smiling as she adjusts her in-ear headphones before her workout.
Meet your New Year’s resolution this year with five basic exercises you can do anywhere.

It happens every January. New Year’s resolutions come along and you vow that this will be the year you lose weight and get in shape. But where do you start? For 2022, the Rehabilitation Services team at NorthBay Healthcare has a few ideas – starting with sitting less and doing more.

“Sitting increases your risk of death by 40 percent and high levels of activity do not counteract that sitting risk,” noted NorthBay Physical Therapist Bob Blakewell. “So at the very least, take your walking breaks a few times a day.”

“It is a safer and smarter approach to plan some physical activity that gets you moving better,” said Rehab Services Manager Bob Baker.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) positively influences brain health and physical function, he said. In addition, it’s less time-consuming and not only improves muscle mass but strength and conditioning as well.

Physical Therapist Tyler Berg suggests that you pick exercises you enjoy. “So find something that involves minimal discomfort, is moderately challenging and then perform it consistently.”

Here are five simple exercises get in shape in 2022. Level 1 is for beginners; start with a few repetitions and work your way up.

  1. The elevated pushup.

    Level 1 is a pushup done by leaning on a wall.
    2 step guide to performing an elevated pushup against a wall.

    Level up the exercise by making it an incline pushup, using a countertop.
    2 step guide to performing an elevated pushup against a kitchen counter at an incline.
  2. The stair step-back.

    Use a small stool or step in your home. Start with both feet on the stair, then step back with one leg, touch your foot to the floor, then step back up to the stair. Level up by making that foot go back further.
    2 step instruction showing the stair step back exercise.
  3. The bent-over row.

    For Level 1, stand by your chair and place one hand on the chair back. Step back with a slight bend in the knees, hinging at the hips. Bend forward with your back straight and dangle one arm by your side, keeping it straight. You can hold a small weight, or start with no weight. Then, bending at the elbow, pull your arm up to your back and return to the start position. Squeeze your shoulder blades together when lifting your arm up. This exercise can lower injury risks in your shoulder and neck. If you don’t have a weight, you can try a reusable bag or backpack with canned goods in it. To level up, increase the amount of weight and repetitions.
    2 step instruction showing the bent over row exercise.
  4. Squats or sit-to-stand.

    Using a chair, sit with your knees and feet shoulder-width apart. Lean slightly forward with your back straight and face down. “I call it nose over toes,” said Tyler. Then lean forward and move into a standing position.
    3 step instruction showing the sit stand exercise.

    To level up, add weights and move your hands in front of your body as you stand; or start from a standing position with your arms straight out in front of you, squat down but don’t fully sit down on the chair and then come back to a standing position.
    2 step instruction showing the chair squat exercise.
  5. The suitcase carry.

    Hold a kettle bell or a bag of canned goods or suitcase in one hand with your arm straight down by your side. Stand straight (don’t lean) and simply walk up and down a hallway. Switch which hand is holding the weight and repeat. To level up, add more weight.
    Trainer showing the proper technique for the Suitcase Carry exercise.

Want some cardio? Do three rounds of these exercises more rapidly to get your heart pumping.

You can learn more about NorthBay's Rehabilitation Services here on our website, by calling our Fairfield office at (707) 646-5599, or by calling our Vacaville office at (707) 624-8290.

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