09 MAR 2022

NorthBay Extends Cerner Contract

NorthBay Healthcare has extended its contract with Cerner Corporation.
NorthBay Healthcare has extended its contract with Cerner Corporation.

NorthBay Healthcare has extended its contract with Cerner Corporation, a global health care technology company, through 2027 to provide a range of new solutions and services designed to help NorthBay provide compassionate care and advanced medicine to the community. This agreement marks a continuation of the successful 21-year partnership between NorthBay and Cerner, and includes projecting patient admissions and proactively adjusting care-team staffing based on those needs.  

“For more than two decades, Cerner has been an excellent partner in supporting the continued growth of our system, developing platforms and programs that improve our efficiency so our physicians and clinical team can put their focus on the patient,” said Wayne Gietz, president of NorthBay Healthcare Group. “We look forward to implementing more of their cutting-edge technology.”

COVID-19 has made accurate nursing staff planning a critical component of delivering efficient and high-quality health care based on community needs. Cerner Clairvia Workforce Management will help NorthBay ensure the right caregivers are assigned to care for patients. It works to continuously compare incoming projected admissions, discharges, transfers and workload demand with existing schedules. This helps managers and care teams easily identify any pockets of over- or understaffing and proactively adjust staffing.

NorthBay patients will benefit from an electronic-signature process that will reduce the burden of completing paper-based forms. Technology-managed services will free NorthBay staff to focus on supporting care-delivery processes.

“Cerner technology will further support NorthBay in its delivery of high-quality clinical outcomes and a world-class patient experience. Caregivers will be provided Cerner tools enabling care that is patient-centered and seamlessly coordinated,” said Matt Wildman, senior vice president of client relationships, Cerner. “Through our collaboration, we’ve been able to anticipate evolving needs during the pandemic and into the future that put patients at the center of their care.”

Deployment of the latest Cerner technology and services will take place over the next 12 months.


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