05 MAY 2023

It All Starts with Heart

Cover of the Spring 2023 issue of WellSpring, featuring a group shot of our heart & Vascular physicians.
Follow the journey of “Coronary Carl” in our latest Heart & Vascular focused Wellspring Magazine.

NorthBay Health Heart & Vascular takes center stage in the spring edition of Wellspring Magazine, which debuted in late April.

With a theme of “It all Starts with Heart,” readers are introduced not only to NorthBay’s dynamic group of cardiologists, interventional radiologists, cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons, and an electrophysiologist — but to the support personnel and life-saving procedures they perform at NorthBay Health every day. Some of these procedures are only available here in Solano County because of the depth of the team’s training and NorthBay Health’s investment in cutting-edge technology and equipment.

That means patients suffering from an array of heart and vascular conditions can be treated right here, close to home, according to Cyrus Mancherje, M.D., who was instrumental in helping establish NorthBay’s cardiology program back in the 1990s.

In the issue, readers are introduced to “Coronary Carl,” a hypothetical patient whose journey follows the path of a patient suffering a major heart attack and receiving treatment at NorthBay Health Medical Center. Real-life patients also share their stories and physicians share their passion for their specialties within the 24-page issue.

“It’s very unusual for a hospital our size to have the level of cardiovascular services that we offer,” noted Milind Dhond, M.D., medical director of NorthBay’s Heart & Vascular program. “When it comes to heart attacks, time is muscle and if a patient has to travel even 10 to 20 minutes further away for medical help, they may not make it.”

Want to see what happens to Coronary Carl?

Read the latest WellSpring

Learn more about our providers and all the servives available through NorthBay Health Heart & Vascular on our website or by calling (707) 646-4400.

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