#OurDocTalk on Wound Care

Wound care and the latest advanced treatment options available at NorthBay Healthcare will be the focus of the next #OurDocTalk chat on Facebook.

Specialist Thomas Erskine, M.D., will answer questions on the topic via Facebook Live video from noon to 12:30 p.m., June 14 on NorthBay Healthcare's Facebook page Thomas Erskine, M.D. (Facebook.com/NorthBayHealthcare).

#OurDocTalk is a series of live Facebook chats designed to connect NorthBay doctors with the community to answer questions on a variety of important health issues.

Followers who visit NorthBay Healthcare's Facebook page are invited to post their questions and comments or send them via Facebook Messenger, and the doctor will reply. Questions can also be submitted by email in advance to Robin.Miller@NorthBay.org.