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Scores Throng to North Wing Career Fair

Posted: March 13, 2019

Scores of eager job seekers filled the lobby of NorthBay Healthcare’s Green Valley Administration Center before the Career Fair opened at 1 p.m. on March 7, and by the end of the seven-hour event, more than 275 had passed through the doors, according to Donna Dabeck, talent acquisition manager.

They came from far and wide, some with many years of experience and others new grads. They said they heard about the career fair through Facebook posts,, friends and family members. They signed in, waited in line to hear firsthand about what special features await on 2 North, or to have one-on-one conversations with NorthBay nursing leaders.

Others sat at a bank of computers to apply for positions and sign up for NorthBay Healthcare’s Talent Search option.

“We met with a large group of highly motivated potential candidates seeking careers in nursing, and all surrounding disciplines and support services. It was refreshing to see the excitement for an opportunity to work for NorthBay,” said Elizabeth Scott Paulson, clinical manager for 2 North, following the event.

Jim Bollig, senior director of Perioperative Services, NorthBay Surgery Center at VacaValley, Wound care and Hyperbaric Medicine, agreed.

“It was clear, after speaking with so many interested applicants, that NorthBay is recognized as a great place to work. I heard ‘Magnet Recognition’ mentioned several times, as well as ‘family’ when they referred to NorthBay,” he said. “We also heard from several who were excited see our plans for ERAS (Enhanced Recovery after Surgery), in addition to the new technology that we will be implementing.”

At one point, Donna was encircled by dozens of attendees, as she welcomed them to NorthBay and offered nuggets of insider information. Many scribbled down notes as she talked.

“NorthBay is a popular place to work, and it may take a few tries, but don’t get discouraged. Keep sending your resumes and make sure you check that it can be ‘searchable,’” she advised. “That allows us to revisit your resume every time a potential position opens up.”

She also recommended that candidates be as detailed as possible in the “more about me” section of their applications.

“If you have any kind of special skills, or have taken any kind of classes that show us you have an interest or training in other areas, such as labor and delivery, cardiac catheterization or the NICU, that will help.”

She told groups that some units at NorthBay work eight-hour shifts, while others work 12-hour shifts, and that all NorthBay nurses will have obtained their bachelor’s degrees in nursing by the end of 2019 in order to be hired. She also explained that NorthBay Medical Center’s ICU is a high-acuity facility where training in a cross-section of skills — cardiac, trauma, neuro — would be most desirable.

One candidate asked about openings in surgery.

“We look for a minimum of two years of surgical experience,” she explained, “but we also have an ambulatory surgery center, so keep a lookout for positions that open up there.”

Other candidates had interview appointments that had been pre-arranged and met in a separate conference room with nurses Debra Mason, Evelyn Prakesh, Sonnel de Guia and Maureen Allain.
“We know there are great nurses who live in our area, but work elsewhere. We were glad to see that validated by the response.

We feel confident this last push in recruiting for 2 North will fulfill our recruitment goals,” said Jim.