NorthBay Healthcare and Mayo Clinic

Working together to solve complex health problems

The exceptional care NorthBay Healthcare patients receive has been made even better thanks to a collaborative relationship with Mayo Clinic, launched in May 2016. As a proud member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, the collaboration helps our patients get answers to complex medical questions—and peace of mind— while staying close to home.

In the first 16 months of this remarkable collaboration, 25 NorthBay physicians across 14 specialties submitted 188 eConsult requests to Mayo Clinic — a process that allows NorthBay doctors to connect electronically and directly with Mayo specialists for additional input on a patient’s care and at no cost to the patient.

The Mayo Clinic Care Network uses physician collaboration and technology to deliver a full spectrum of medical expertise, enhancing the care NorthBay can deliver on complex cases.

What our membership means to our patients...

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More patients stay close to home, avoiding unnecessary travel for answers to complex medical questions.

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Mayo Clinic physicians consulting on care at no additional cost to patients.

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Access to Mayo Clinic expertise, close to home, for additional peace of mind.

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Two teams focused on solving tough medical problems.

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Best-practice medicine enhanced by the latest knowledge from Mayo Clinic.

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NorthBay Healthcare is the first Northern California organization selected as a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network.

NorthBay doctors have access to additional services that include: NorthBay doctors have access to additional services that include:

Allow NorthBay Healthcare physicians to connect electronically and directly with Mayo Clinic specialists for more input on a patient’s care.

An online clinical resource that gives providers quick access to the latest Mayo Clinic-vetted information on the management, care and treatment of a variety of medical conditions.

Which allows NorthBay to consult with Mayo Clinic as we work to set new standards in patient care as well as clinical, operational and administrative areas.

NorthBay doctors can present and discuss complex cases, such as complex cancer diagnoses and treatments, with a multidisciplinary panel of Mayo Clinic specialists and other members of the care network.

NorthBay also has access to Mayo Clinic's extensive library of patient education materials and, in addition to ongoing educational opportunities, our staff have access to Mayo Clinic grand rounds, regular presentations that feature Mayo Clinic physicians and scientists.

Peace of Mind

Our membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network means our patients can get a second-opinion from national experts without having to leave home.