Temporary Visitor Policy:

Help us protect patients, staff and you

NorthBay Healthcare understands that spending time with your loved one in the hospital plays a significant role in the healing process. We welcome the emotional support provided by family and friends for our patients. It’s also important to us that we keep your loved one safe while they are in our care.

During this challenging time of navigating the COVID-19 health crisis, we strongly encourage friends and families to communicate by phone or video chat.  In-person visits are allowed for a parent or legal guardian of a pediatric patient, a support person for a laboring patient or a patient with a disability, and a visitor for an end of life patient (with restrictions for COVID end of life).

When an in-person visit is necessary, the following restrictions will apply:

  • Request for Proof
    • Proof of vaccination or current negative COVID test.
      • Without vaccination or testing documentation, we require N95 mask to be worn.
      • With proof, a surgical mask is required to be worn.
  • Mask
    • Everyone is required to wear an N95 or surgical mask, based on requirements.
  • Screenings
    • All visitors are screened.

Privacy Issues

Due to patient privacy regulations, our staff cannot release  information about your condition to your family or friends without your permission. When you are admitted, a staff member will write your personal access code on a blue card for you. Share this access code with those you wish to receive information about your condition while you are in the hospital.

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