Image shows the open hand of a physician holding Warfarin (Coumadin) tablets. The doctor's hand is over a blue clip board and stethoscope.

Coumadin clinic

Getting the Most Out of Your Medication

NorthBay Healthcare's Anticoagulation Service is available to support patients taking Warfarin (brand name Coumadin ®) and manage any side effects of the drug. Although Warfarin is a life-saving medication that prevents blood clots and stroke, adverse reactions to it can occur if not managed closely.

NorthBay's service helps to reduce possible side effects and assist patients in receiving the maximum health benefits from their prescriptions.

What Does the Coumadin Clinic Offer?

Participants in the Coumadin Clinic meet at least every four weeks with a specially trained clinical pharmacist who evaluates the medication dosage and appropriately adjusts the level if necessary. Dosage adjustments are made right away, minimizing the possibility of complications and side effects.

Please note that admission into the Coumadin Clinic requires a physician referral and regular appointments.

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