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GenomeSmart is an AI-powered genetic risk assessment and test recommendation platform that matches patients to appropriate genetic testing.

NorthBay Health has partnered with GenomeSmart to increase access to genetic testing in our community. GenomeSmart makes it easy to share your personal and family medical history — then using national medical guidelines, standard of care and other qualification criteria — creates a report for you describing your cancer risk and providing next steps.

Get Started with GenomeSmart

How does it work?

  1. Sign up. Use the button above to sign up with GenomeSmart and fill out your profile in moments.
  2. Take an Assessment. Complete a brief 5-7 min assessment. You'll be asked about personal and family medical history.
  3. Share the results. Learn if genetic testing is right for you. If appropriate, you can schedule a meeting with our genetic counselor to discuss your cancer risks.

Why do this?

Through genetic testing for cancer, you can understand how your family history of cancer may predispose you and your relatives to developing certain types of cancer. By understanding your risk, you can take action that will potentially prevent cancer or detect it at its earliest stage when it is most treatable, allowing more personalized and proactive care.

If your GenomeSmart assessment suggests genetic testing, you will be guided to a NorthBay genetic counselor.

Our Genetic Counselor

Click here to learn more about genetic testing through GenomeSmart.

Learn more about your genetic risk for inherited cancers with GenomeSmart.

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