Helping Those on the Frontline

NorthBay Healthcare is working around-the-clock to provide the highest quality of care for our community. From the outset of the global Coronavirus pandemic, we have been prepared for the challenge today and what is to come tomorrow. Here are ways you can support our community and healthcare efforts during this crucial time.

Please, Shelter at Home

First and foremost, please heed the statewide order to shelter at home and adhere to social distancing. Gov. Newsom and local public health officials have released definitive guidelines. See Shelter in Place. This is the best way to stop the spread of COVID-19. The fewer of our friends, neighbors and loved ones who become ill, the more resources will be available to care for those who are infected.

Industry Donations

Businesses or organizations seeking to donate materials, including personal protective equipment (PPE), may contact Pam Venturi, (707) 646-3154, for a list of what NorthBay Healthcare needs and how to get it to us. Personal Protective Equipment Donations NorthBay Healthcare will accept donations, including protective equipment and sanitizing items. We are accepting donations, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to noon, and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at:

NorthBay Healthcare Administration Center
4500 Business Center Drive, Fairfield, CA
Look for “Donation Drop-Off” signs in the driveway circle

Get Directions

We can accept these materials:

  • Packaged, unused protective goggles
  • Unopened containers of disinfectants and disinfecting wipes
  • Unopened containers of hand sanitizer
  • Unopened packages of disposable gloves
  • Unused N95 respirators and surgical masks. They can be opened, as long as they have not been used

Please note: We cannot accept any other supplies at this time and must keep storage space at our donation sites available for the items above.

Give to Local Blood Banks

All hospitals, ours included, are facing potential blood shortages as our supply partners report a drop in donations. We work very closely with our blood provider, Vitalant, which is extending hours at its Fairfield office and in other locations. Click HERE to learn how healthy individuals can donate locally, or click HERE to see a list of all Vitalant locations. Please schedule your appointment, so Vitalant can more easily maintain social distancing.

In This Together

On behalf of our healthcare workers and our entire organization, we want to thank the scores of individuals who have reached out to us, and those of you willing to assist us in overcoming this health emergency.

NorthBay Medical Group