COVID-19 Information and Resources

Updated: 07/15/2022

At NorthBay Health, we put our patients first, and want to keep you healthy through the pandemic. We recommend COVID-19 vaccines for all eligible individuals as the best way to avoid serious illness. And we're here to help you navigate testing options, should you need it. Below, we offer useful links for vaccination and testing information.

What if I'm sick?

If you think you have COVID, you should isolate and quarantine for at least five days, according to CDC Guidelines. If you test positive and have mild symptoms, please stay home and isolate. If you are at risk for severe illness, contact your primary care doctor as early as possible to discuss potential treatment options. If you are experiencing trouble breathing, seek immediate help. Have an important question for your provider? Please use MyNorthBayDoc, your patient portal, and allow 72 hours for a response.

How do I get tested?

We recommend at-home testing as the most convenient and comfortable first step. If you cannot obtain an at-home testing kit, consider NorthBay Urgent Care, where testing is available for symptomatic patients as well as for travelers. You don't have to be an established NorthBay patient to access NorthBay Urgent Care. You can also find regional testing information on Solano County's website.

What's Your Vaccine Advice?

As we mentioned earlier, a COVID-19 vaccine is your best bet to avoid serious illness. Here's how to schedule yours:

For ages 12 years and Up:

  • Initial dose: For fast and convenient scheduling, NorthBay recommends you sign up on to schedule.
  • Booster Doses: Now that the FDA and CDC have authorized third and fourth dose "booster" vaccines, NorthBay recommends them for eligible individuals ages 12 and up. Patients may get a booster dose of the same vaccine of their primary series or another of the COVID vaccines under the "mix and match" strategy. Visit to schedule. Patients may receive their third Pfizer dose (first booster) five months after the final dose in the primary series. They may receive their fourth Pfizer dose (second booster) at least four months after the first booster. Severely immunocompromised adults and children may receive boosters three months after the final primary dose and four months after the first booster.

Vaccines for ages 5 to 11 years:

  • Initial dose: For fast and convenient scheduling, NorthBay recommends you sign up on to schedule.
  • Booster Doses: Everyone ages 5 years and older should get 1 booster after completing their COVID-19 vaccine primary series, if eligible. Visit to schedule.

Vaccines for ages 6 months to 4 years:

  • Initial dose: If you are the parent or a guardian of a NorthBay Primary Care patient between the ages of 6 months and 4 years, call (707) 646-5500 to schedule an appointment.

For questions, please contact the NorthBay Center for Primary Care at (707) 646-5500.

We vow to help you and your family stay healthy

Our commitment to helping you and your family stay healthy during the coronavirus outbreak and to keeping you up-to-date on resources available is our top priority.

If you are experiencing serious symptoms such as chest pain, abdominal pain or signs of a stroke, do not delay seeking care. Our ERs are safe and prepared to handle emergencies. For many serious conditions, rapid treatment is critical and the consequences of putting off needed medical care are often irreversible.

To protect you, NorthBay Health has implemented stringent safety measures:

Rounded yellow rectangle with a white icon of a spray bottle and a hand cleaning.

Super-cleaning our facilities

We’ve added extra staff to our specially trained disinfecting team to increase the frequency of cleanings and are using advanced disinfecting robotic technology and UV light that rapidly kills viruses and bacteria.

Rounded rectangle with an orange background and white vector image of a mask and gloves.

Ample supply of protective equipment

Our supply chain team has secured an adequate supply of masks, gloves and face shields to meet current and future needs. Their efforts were aided by generous donations from local businesses, dentists and individuals.

Rounded orange-red rectangle with white icon of a person wearing a face mask.

Face coverings are mandatory

You will find everyone — patients, staff and visitors — in our facilities wearing a face covering. Hand sanitizer is provided throughout all of our buildings.

Rounded bight red rectangle with white icon of a stop sign.

Restricting visitors at our hospitals and medical offices

A visitor policy that only allows exceptions on a case-by-case basis reduces traffic through our facilities.

Rounded dark red rectangle with white icon of a thermometer.

COVID-19 screening prior to your procedure

All patients undergoing non-emergency surgeries or procedures will receive screening several days prior to their scheduled procedure.

Rounded light blue rectangle with white icon of two people with masks.

Dedicated nursing unit

Patients diagnosed or suspected of having COVID-19 are cared for in a special nursing unit isolated from others in NorthBay Medical Center.

Rounded medium blue rectangle with white icon of a phone in a dialog bubble.

Continuing telemedicine visits

We continue to schedule video and telephone visits for our medical group patients, as well as in-person care when that is a better option for patients.

Rounded dark blue rectangle with white icon of a thermometer next to a person's face.

COVID-19 screening at Urgent Care

COVID-19 screening and testing is available, in addition to other urgent care services, at our centers in Fairfield and Vacaville.

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