Here’s what makes NorthBay a safe place to get care

Seth Kaufman, MD and Chief Medical Officer at NorthBay Healthcare, shares the steps NorthBay is taking to keep our patients safe. Clicking on this image will cause the video to appear in a pop-up window and play.

Seth Kaufman, MD | Chief Medical Officer
[Watch his Facebook chats here.]

Greg Duncan, Vice President Facilities

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New Specialty Doctors

Welcome the newest members of our health care teams - Dr. Dudley, Urologist (left), Dr. Julka, Pulmonologist (middle), and Dr. Whang , Gastroenterologist (right).

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Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Pediatric care for the entire family.

Cancer Center

Hope for cancer, close to home.

Heart and Vascular Center

Center for advanced heart & vascular services.

Center for Neuroscience

Advanced care for brain, spine & movement disorders.

Center for Orthopedics

Advanced care for bone, joint and muscle conditions.

Center for Women's Health

Specialized care for women of all ages.

Trauma Center

Level II Trauma Center for when minutes matter.

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