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Did you know that 16% of people with pancreatic cancer have a hereditary condition?

Genetic tests can find gene changes (also known as “variants”) that a person may be born with. These changes are called “germline” or “inherited” gene mutations. They can be passed from parent to child. Some inherited gene changes increase risk for cancer, and can cause cancer to run in families.

What are the most common hereditary conditions associated with pancreatic cancer?

Hereditary pancreatic cancer is associated with several different inherited conditions. One important gene found in individuals with hereditary pancreatic cancer is BRCA2, the same gene known to cause hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome. In some families, there may be other cancers present and the pattern of cancers may suggest a specific gene is involved. Your genetic counselor will determine which genes are important to test based on your personal or family history of cancer.

How much does pancreatic cancer genetic testing cost?

For people who meet testing criteria, the cost is often covered by insurance, with an out-of-pocket expense typically under $100. There is also the “private pay” option for individuals who do not have insurance coverage (or do not meet testing criteria), but still wish to get tested. In this instance, the cost is $250 for a comprehensive test.

What does a positive test mean?

A positive genetic test does not mean you have cancer or will get cancer. It means you have a higher than average chance of getting cancer, and may benefit from enhanced screening. Early detection is key to fighting cancer.

If you have pancreatic cancer, genetic testing may help guide treatment options. It may also provide an opportunity to participate in research trials. Family members can also learn how to take steps to reduce cancer risk.

Where do I start?

The decision to undergo genetic testing is an important one. Northbay Health has partnered with GenomeSmart to make it easier for you to learn if your personal or family history of cancer warrants consideration of genetic testing. Learn more about your genetic risk for inherited cancers with GenomeSmart here.

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Our Genetic Counselor

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Learn more about genetic testing with this fact sheet.

Click here to learn more about genetic testing through GenomeSmart.

Learn more about your genetic risk for inherited cancers with GenomeSmart.

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