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When you or a loved one is nearing the end of the journey, NorthBay Hospice is ready to help. Our hospice caregivers provide compassionate support for patients and families facing life-limiting illnesses.

How Hospice Care Can Help

The focus of hospice care is to maintain comfort, emphasizing care rather than cure, while also tending to the emotional needs of families and friends. Hospice care is about living, not dying, and neither hastens nor postpones death. It is our desire to help make the final days as comfortable as possible, supporting you and your family physically, mentally and spiritually.

"We will do what we can, not only to help you die peacefully, but also to live until you die."
-- Dame Cicely Saunders, physician, nurse and founder of the Hospice movement (1918-2005).

Our hospice care team acknowledges everyone's inherent worth and dignity. People continue to grow and share, even as they approach the end of life. Emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth does not end when someone is given a terminal diagnosis. Indeed, we have learned that much growth can take place during hospice care.

Bereavement Services

When it's time to grieve, our Bereavement Services Center in Green Valley provides a serene and confidential place where individuals have the opportunity to connect with others, share their stories, their experiences and gain understanding of the grief process.

We offer a number of support groups and workshops throughout the year, as well as an annual Tree of Memories event to honor loved ones we've lost.