A pair of hands clasp each other in a supportive, caring manner.

Palliative Care

A Vital Link for Seriously Ill Patients and Their Families

NorthBay Bridges inpatient palliative care program uses a comprehensive approach to care for patients with serious illnesses. The goal is to relieve pain and other distressing physical symptoms, and to optimize the quality of life for patients and families by addressing emotional, spiritual and social needs.

Palliative care is active medical care that relieves or soothes the symptoms of a disease, without primarily aiming to cure. Care is planned to meet the patient's unique goals. Palliative care can be provided concurrently with life-prolonging, curative treatment, or as the main focus of care for someone with a life-limiting illness. Dr. Van Aken and patient

Medical Director Terrell Van Aken, MD, works closely with the patient's physician and hospital team, helping to ensure optimal care.